Social Psychology & Motivation

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Dr. Frank Wieber

Stipends, Third-Party Funds, and Awards


Teaching Award of the University of Konstanz, elected by the student (LUKS)


Grant research project „Einfluss der Raumgestaltung auf soziales Handeln“ – Ein interdisziplinäres Forschungsprojekt an der Schnittstelle von Psychologie und Architektur“ sponsored by the Landesbausparkasse (LBS) jointly with the foundation „Umwelt und Wohnen an der Universität Konstanz“


IRSG Grant for the project “A self-regulation approach to leadership” sponsored by the excellence initiative of the University of Konstanz.


DFG Project “Social context variables as potential limits of the effectivity of Implemention Intentions” within the scope of the interdisziplinary DFG Research Group 582 “Limits of Intentionality”, along with Prof. Dr. Peter M. Gollwitzer.


Principal Supervisor of the BA Thesis titeled “Impact of different mindsets on intentions in goal pursuit: Behavioral effects and processes” by Lisa A. Sezer awarded with the Rothaus AG award for excellent BA candidates by the VEUK of the University of Konstanz.


Award of the University Council of the University of Konstanz 2007 for extraordinary engagement during the application of the Graduate School "Multi-Disciplinary Study of Social Issues (MSSI)" as part of the initiative of excellence.


PostDoc Stipend (2007, March-July) at the New York University, New York, USA sponsored by the Deutsche Akademische Austausch Dienst (DAAD).


PhD Stipend (August-July) at the International Graduate College “Conflict and Cooperation between Social Groups”, Jena, Germany, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, Sussex and Canterbury, UK sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).