Social Psychology & Motivation

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M.Sc. Klaus Harnack

Social Psychology and Motivation
P.O. Box 39
University of Konstanz
D-78457 Konstanz

Room: C 503
Office hours:  Wednesday 15.00 – 16.00PM and by appointment

Fon: ++49-(0)-7531-88 2617

Fax: ++49-(0)-7531-88 3286

e-mail: klaus.harnack(at)



Short Vita

B.Sc. Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück

M.Sc. Research Master Psychology (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam


Research Interests

- Embodied Cognition

- Cognitive Biases

- Mediation & Conflict Resolution

- Stereotypes & Metastereotypes


Current Research Projects

- Implicit triggered Implementation Intentions

- Support of self-regulation strategies via embodiment

- Procedural preferences for conflict resolution

- Identifiability as a key-feature for goal directed behavior


Current Teaching

  • Einführung in die Sozialpsychologie: Verhandlungen, interpersonelle Anziehung, Vorurteile und soziale Kognition
    Do 10-11.30 Uhr
  • Introduction to Social Psychology: Negotiation, interpersonal attraction, stereotypes, and social cognition
    Do 17-18.30 Uhr