Committee overview

Departmental council

The → departmental council represents the interests of the Department of Psychology within the Faculty of Sciences. If a decision has to be made in the faculty, the departmental council  advices the Department of Psychology. The departmental council works on and submits administrative matters having impact on the whole faculty.

Thematically, the departmental council deals primarily with structural changes in the faculty (e.g. foundation of new professorships), personnel decisions (e.g. offers of professorships), as well as changes regarding the study programmes (e.g. changes regarding the examination regulations, foundation of new study programmes). 

The departmental council consists of representatives of all groups within the department: permanent members are the head of the department and the academic dean. Additionally, two professors, two academic staff members, two students or doctoral students, as well as two non-scientific staff members are elected. Students are elected for a period of one year, all other members are electedfor a period of two years.

Requests to the departmental council have to be submitted to the head of the department min. 10 days before the next meeting. 

Study commission

The → study commission has the responsibility to further develop the study programme of the Department of Psychology and to guarantee a good study situation. Therefore, feedback of lecturers and students is included into the revision of the the examination regulations. Furthermore, the study commission develops proposals for the use of financial resources and contributes to the evaluation of teaching.

The study commission consists of max. ten members, normally four professors, one academic staff member and four students or enrolled doctoral candidates. Potential members of the commission are nominated by the Departmental Council and subsequently elected by the Faculty Council for one year (students) or four years (all other members). One of the student members is always simultaneously a member of the Faculty Council. The chair is held by the dean of studies, who is elected for four years in the same election round. 

Requests to the study commission have to be submitted to the dean of studies min. 10 days before the next meeting.  

Examination Board

The examination board ensures that examination regulations are fulfilled and organizes examinations. The examination board consists of even members: three professors, one academic staff, two students and the departmental manager. Student members are elected for one year. All other members are elected for a three-year period. The chair of the examination board and the deputy is filled by professors and is elected by the study commission.

Requests to the examination board have to be submitted to the dean of studies min. 10 days before the next meeting. 

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