Studentinnen im Bibliotheks-Foyer
Studentinnen im Bibliotheks-Foyer

Bachelor of Science

Current Curriculum

Please find the current courses for the Bachelor in Psychology in the course catalogue (LSF)

Information about the content of specific tests or courses are available on the websites of the different working groups.

Objectives of the Bachelor

The Bachelor degree is a certificate that qualifies for the job market. The programme at the University of Konstanz provides particular benefits: Our students acquire

  • well-founded scientific knowledge in numerous psychological domains
  • job-relevant competences and tools 
  • excellent foundations for further academic education (e.g., Master or PhD programmes)

Contents of the Programme

Psychology as science is concerned with experience and behaviour, as well as with their causes and effects. Its task is to assess and explain conditions in the environment and the organism that determine experience and behaviour in their respective characteristics. At the same time psychology shall develop suggestions and instructions of how to create psychologically ideal conditions, and it should contribute to their implementation. 

Psychology is an empirical science, that is all of its results and claims have to be put under empirical tests. Therefore the study programme strongly emphasises methods of empirical/experimental as well as of practical-psychological work.

Furthermore, key qualifications for the work as a psychologist are acquired during the programme. This involves training in psychological consultation techniques, in experimental work and systematic observation, in the execution of surveys, in IT competences and in the presentation of scientific results using modern presentation techniques.

Examination Regulation (Prüfungsordnung)

Examination Regulations (Prüfungsordnung) are available in German only.  

The registration period for examinations and lots of further information on the study programme can be found in the Forms & Downloads section.

Places in seminars are assigned in an allocation procedure. You are automatically enrolled in a seminar and registered for the corresponding test once a place was assigned to you. Note that you have to actively register for examinations in the lectures.  Please find further information in the relevnt phases on the News site of the department. 

Bachelor theses can be registered during the following periods: 01.12. - 15.12. in the winter semester and 01.05. - 15.05. in the summer semester.