Compulsory internship

The 4-year bachelor's degree in Psychology includes a 6-month compulsory internship. Detailed information on procedures, forms and deadlines can be found in the FAQs.  The internship data base has a search function for internships and gives you access to questionnaries completed by previous interns. This is also where you can fill out your own internship report.

Thank you very much for attending the introductory event! You can find the slides (in German) here.

Vortragsreihe "Berufsperspektiven für PsychologInnen"

Informationen rund ums Pflichtpraktikum

Filipa Gonçalves, Praktikumsbeauftragte FB Psychologie

18:45-20:15 Uhr in A 701

Diese Veranstaltung ist verpflichtend für alle Studierende im 3. Semester.