General questions around the internship

Why six months?

In a six-month internship, you don't merely scratch the surface by observing a workplace in a snapshot, but get to really immerse yourself in everyday work life and become a part of the routines of the place. However, you do have the option to split up your internship into two three-month internships. This might offer you a greater variety of impressions, but might at the same time keep you from truly getting in touch with the reality of the actual professional practice. Three months may be sufficient to get to know an occupational field, but does not give you the routine that will be at the heart of your professional life later on.

Where can I go for my internship?

The purpose of the internship is to gain practical experience in an occupational field of psychology. This means that the tasks executed during the internship should be relevant and psychological in nature. In general, any institution or organisation that provides supervision by a psychologist with a master's degree or a Diplom (German university degree) and guarantees full-time employment for six months (or three months, if you want to split your internship) is suitable. 

When does the internship take place?

In the 4-year bachelor's programme, the internship is scheduled for the 5th semester.

How long is the internship supposed to be?

The internship has to be full-time over a period of six months (26 weeks). You may split your internship into two three-month internships.

The general requirement is for the internship to be full-time. There are special regulations, for example for parents with small children. If this applies to you or if any other urgent reason requires you to work part-time, please talk to the internship coordinator.

Which deadlines do I need to be aware of?

The internship takes place in the 5th semester of the 4-year bachelor's programme.

We recommend that you start organising your place well in advance, at a minimum 1 semester before the planned start of your internship

Three months before you start your internship, you have to get your internship contract aproved by the internship coordinator. Also, don't forget to register your internship in StudIs at the beginning of the internship.

After you completed your internship, submit your internship certificates and a completed internship questionnaire to the internship coordinator: you must hand in these documents a minimum of 4 weeks before the end of the registration period for your last final exam!  However, we recommend that you submit the documents immediately after the end of your internship.

Can I take a semester leave of absence for the internship?


The compulsory internship is an integral part of the bachelor's programme (see study and examination regulations PO B 8.1 - available in German only). 

The admission and enrolment regulations of the University of Konstanz (§ 12) stipulate that you may not take leave of absence for the internship, because it is a practical activity that is prescribed in the examination regulations of the degree programme and factored into the standard period of study.

Can I write exams during my internship semester?

Yes, you are allowed to write exams and attend seminars (e.g. block seminars) in your internship semester, if it is compatible with your work schedule. Your employer can (but does not have to!) exempt you from work so that you can attend seminars or exams. Nevertheless, the internship still has to be full-time.

Preparing your internship

When should I start looking for an internship?

You should start sending out applications at least 1 semester and up to a year before the planned start of your internship to make sure that you won't be stranded without a place when your 5th semester comes around.

Where can I find internships?

Students are responsible  to find and organise their own internship. Good places to start are: 

  • the links to internship offers and the internship database (in German) in the menu on the left
  • online job and internship platforms 
  • the website of the Career Service
  • the lecture series "Berufsperspektiven für PsychologInnen"

Can I read the internship reports of the previous semesters?


Here is the link to the database, but unfortunately they are all in German:

If you have concrete ideas regarding your field of work or region, you can search the internship database for specific reports. You must be logged in to do this. The reports are anonymous.

How do I register my internship?

When you have found an internship institution, please come to the internship coordinator during consultation hours with the completed internship agreement (3 copies - 1x original and 2 copies). 

Please make sure that the following criteria of the compulsory internship are fulfilled:

  • 6 months full-time employment
  • supervision by a psyhologist with a master's degree or a Diplom (German university degree)
  • execution of psychological activities

In special cases (e.g. recognition of previously completed internships), an application must be submitted to the Examination Board Psychology (StPA). You can seek advice on this from the internship coordinator.

Can I use the contract provided by the company I am working for?

We recommend that you use the internship agreement template provided by the University. Alternatively, you can use the internship contract provided by the company, if its conditions meet the criteria for recognition of the compulsory internship. You should keep in mind, however, that this limits the influence of the internship coordinator, should problems arise.

Can I withdraw from an already signed internship contract?

Once signed, the internship contract is legally binding and can only be terminated for serious reasons. The termination must comply with current labour law. If, for example, you are still waiting to hear back about an application for another internship that you would prefer, it is not advisable to sign any other agreements. Many employers plan ahead to include interns in their workflow, so it creates difficulties for them if you terminate your contract on short notice.

Please keep this in mind before you sign your internship contract.

I want to do my internship abroad - what do I need to know?

If you want to do your internship abroad, it is best to start planning early (1 year in advance).

Students and graduates who want to do an inernship in another European country can apply for an Erasmus+ internship grant.

During the internship

Can I change my internship place?

Changing your internship place is only possible in exceptional cases, for example, if you face serious problems in your current position. A quick transition (within two weeks) to a follow-up internship must be guaranteed. Please contact the internship coordinator.

Do I have to pay the semester fee in my intership semester?

Yes. A refund of the semester fee for the duration of the internship is no longer possible.

How can I register my intership in StudIS?

The registration for the internship via Studis is open all year round.

Please register your internship during the semester in which you are doing it.

This is how you do it...

After the intership

How do I receive credits for my intership?

In order to receive the credits, you need a confirmation from the organisation where you completed your compulsory internship, or a copy of your internship certificate.

You also need to complete the online internship questionnaire in detail (in the case of two three-month internships, please complete two questionnaires, one for each partial internship). To complete the questionnaire, you must log in to the University's website with your (email)-user name and password (top right).

Please also submit the declaration of consent for data use. This is required in order to publish the contact details of the internship provider and the contents of the questionnaire in accordance with data protection laws.

Only complete documents will be processed.

The deadline for submitting these documents is a minimum of 4 weeks before the end of the registration period for your last final examination! However, we recommend that you submit the necessary documents immediately after completing your internship.