Internship database

Here you will find the online questionnaire and the internship database.

Click on this map to get an overview of the internships from 2018.

As soon as you are logged in to the University website (top right corner), two new sub-items appear in the menu bar on the left: "Fragebogen" and "Suche". (Access is restricted to students and staff of the Department of Psychology for privacy reasons).

To complete the online questionnaire, you must log in to the website (top left next to the logo of the University of Konstanz). 

You will need the account data of your university email account (first name.last name and password).

Under "Fragebogen" you can fill in the online questionnaire. For two three-month internships, please fill in a separate questionnaire for each partial internship. The completed questionnaires will then be checked by the internship coordinator and, if appropriate, made available online for others to read. Please also submit your employer's internship certificate or a copy of your employer's reference letter as soon as possible.

Under "Suche" you can search the internship database, which lists organisations and institutions in which students of our department have previously completed their internships, or institutions that have expressed interest in hosting interns of our department.

Here you can view a selection of previous internship questionnaires, find the code number of older reports (necessary for viewing the internship report at the internship coordinator's office) or download the short report.

In addition, the Career Service Konstanz offers an interdisciplinary database in which you can find further internships.