What is ILIAS?

ILIAS is the central learning platform of the University of Konstanz. You can log in with your email alias (first name) and your password. Every course has its own folder. Some courses can be accessed freely, for others you need to be approved or your account needs to be activated first. Details for each individual course will be given out in the first course meeting. The lecturers upload their slides as well as research articles and mandatory literature in ILIAS. In some seminars you are asked to upload weekly assignments. You will be notified of this in the course meetings.

What is LSF?

The LSF is the course catalogue of the University. This is where you can find course details, especially for the Psychology courses but also the non-psychological optional subjects and Transferable Skills courses. The LSF provides information such as which lecturer holds a course, when and where they will be held as well as short overviews of the topic and required academic achievements. The LSF is particularly helpful when organising your course schedule.

What is StudIS/Examinations?

You can log into  StudIS/Examinations with your email alias (first name) and your password.

  • General functions: TAN list generation
  • Exam administration: This is where you can register for and deregister from exams. The exam registration periods for the lectures in StudIS are: summer semester 01 June - 30 June, winter semester 01 January - 31 January. You can also find an overview of what exams you are registered for and your completed coursework and performance assessments (Transcript of Records). These can be important when you want to apply for an internship or a part-time job and can be printed or saved here.

What is ZEuS?

ZEuS is the central enrolment and student portal of the University. Further information is available on the website of the Communication, Information and Media Centre KIM.

The most important functions are:

1. Change of address:

"My Studies" -> "Student Service" -> "My data"

2. Online application (change of programme, application for a master's programme, etc.)

"My Studies" -> "Online application"

3. Information on studying:

"My Studies" -> "Student Service"

What is SONA?

SONA is an online plattform where you can find information on current research experiments. As a student you can register for those to acquire the required test subject hours. In some cases there will be a small remuneration also.