FAQs about the Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Why a 4-year bachelor's programme?

For several reasons, we have decided to extend the bachelor's programme from 3 to 4 years:

1. You are much better qualified after 4 years than after 3 years of study.
Psychology is known for its diverse range of subjects and methods. In our opinion, 4 years (240 ECTS) are necessary for a thorough foundational academic education. Also, finding a job after only 3 years of studying Psychology can be quite difficult.

2. Your compulsory internship is incorporated in the programme.
Gaining insights into professional life at an early stage helps you make a well-founded choice of career and specialisation later on.

3. If you graduate with distinction, you can start a doctoral programme immediately after completing your 4-year bachelor's degree. 

4. You have additional time to gain valuable experience abroad.

In a 4-year bachelor's programme, you can choose to specialise in one area. We offer the branches "Work and Health" and "Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology". You are free to choose modules from both branches as well. 

The University of Konstanz is not the only university in Germany that decided on a 4-year bachelor's degree in Psychology. Marburg, Tübingen and Greifswald also extended to 4 years. In North America, the B4-M1 system and a direct transition from the 4-year bachelor's programme to a PhD programme are standard. If and to what extent credit points from the B4 are credited towards a 2-year master's programme at another university is up to the university offering the master's programme. 

Where can I find all general information on how to apply at the University of Konstanz?

The University of Konstanz has a dedicated webpage with detailed information on the topics of application and enrolment

How can I improve my overall grade that is relevant for admission?

Several factors can improve the overall grade (by up to 0.2 points) of your higher education entrance qualification (which is used as the basis for admission): 
1. Internships in the social sector (also in companies)

  • 3-6 months → improvement by 0.05
  • 6 months or more → improvement by 0.1

2. Voluntary social year (FSJ), voluntary ecological year (FÖJ), civilian service (Zivildienst)

  • 6-11 months → improvement by 0.1
  • 11 months or more → improvement by 0.2

3. Volunteer work (e.g., youth leader in church/sports/club, arbiter, school paramedic, work in youth politics, applied drama education)

  • 12 months or more → improvement by 0.1

4. Awards (scientific, nation- or statewide prizes, competitions such as "Jugend forscht", mathematics,...)

  • improvement by 0.05

A completed vocational training can be credited towards an improvement of 0.2 - 0.4. Please ask the Student Advisory Service for detailed information.

No grade improvement points are given for:

  • awards in areas such as choir, music, school-related prizes in general
  • bilingual tuition
  • school classes in Psychology, "Latinum" (qualification in Latin)
  • psychological assessment
  • short internships during school (e.g. BoGy)
  • weekend courses and evening classes at adult education facilities etc.

Please only send documents and certificates that actually qualify for improvement of your grade (details see above).

What is the maximum possible improvement of my higher education entrance qualification grade?

Without a completed vocational training, you can improve your grade by a maximum of 0.2 points.

In combination with a completed vocational training, you can achieve a maximum improvement of up to 0.6 grade points.

Should I send as many certificates and references as possible to be on the safe side?

Internships, voluntary social year, awards, etc. (see list in "How can I improve my grade" above ) can improve your grade by a TOTAL MAXIMUM of 0.2 points. Please only send relevant certificates. Further documents do NOT increase your chances, but they do increase the amount of administrative work. 

Can I improve my higher education entrance qualification grade with an internship during my time at school (BoGy etc.)?

No, internships taking place during school do not qualify for an improvement of your grade in terms of admission.