Exam dates for Psychology lectures in the rooms of the University of Konstanz

Information for Psychology lecture exams in summer semester 2022

The exam registration and deregistration period for the lecture examinations on ZEuS are from 01 - 30 June 2022.

After 30 June 2022 exam registration or deregistration is no longer possible.

Note: We do not offer follow-up exams within the same semester.

The examination dates and rooms can be found in the file below "preliminary exam dates SoSe 2022".

Withdrawal from exams and sickness

What do you have to do if you can't make it to an exam or if you become sick?

Medical Certificate

Only the form provided by the university administration will be accepted for sick certificates for examinations:

Please read the Information Sheet Regarding Exam Withdrawal carefully and download the Medical Certificate.

Withdrawal from exams is not possible after the end of the registration period. Exceptions:


I am sick at the day of an exam, what do I do?

Please contact the Departmental Examination Office by email or by phone before the start of the exam. Afterwards, please submit the medical certificate immediately. You must use the template on our website.

If you are sick on the day of your examination, you don't need to participate in the exam. To withdraw from the examination, please follow these steps:

  • Report your sickness immediately (before the exam) to the departmental examination office via telephone or email.
  • A doctor of your choice has to confirm your inability to participate in the exam and issue a corresponding medical certificate. Please be aware that we can only accept the official form from the Central Examination Office. Please print the official form and give it to your doctor.
  • The medical certificate has to be filled in completely and submitted to the departmental office immediately. You can also send it by mail in advance or ask someone else to hand it in for you.
  • The medical certificate has to be issued on the day of the examination (before the day of the examination in case of a longer period of sickness). Medical certificates issued at a later date cannot be accepted.


I am sick during a seminar, what do I do?

At the beginning of each course, the lecturer provides information on how often you are allowed to be absent and whether a medical certificate is required. Especially in small groups (seminars, practice tutorials, tutorials), the lecturer will often ask that you inform him by email when you are sick and how long for. Attendance lists are kept in many courses.
In case of a longer period of sickness, please contact the deparmtental examination office immediately and submit the official form from the Central Examination Office. We will check whether we can record you a withdrawal from the seminar / assessment / examination in ZEuS.

Other reasons

You may be permitted to withdraw from an examination in other special circumstances, i.e. if you cannot attend the exam due to circumstances beyond your control. If this is the case, please contact the departmental examination office immediately and file a request to the Examination Board (please see the templates (formlose StPA Anträge)) providing a detailed explanation for missing the exam. Please include proof. The Examination Board will check your application and inform you of the outcome as soon as possible.