From Konstanz into the world!

You want to add some international flavour to your studies? You have come to the right place!

General information

To join the ERASMUS+ programme and secure a spot at one of our partner universities, fill out the online application form of the Department of Psychology. Closing date for the upcoming winter semester, the entire academic year (2 semesters) and the summer semester of the following year is always 1 February. If 1 February falls on a weekend, the closing date is the next working day after.

For a semester abroad outside the EU, you need to apply directly at the International Office and join the programme Study Abroad Global. An application via the psychology department is not possible.

All information in the following section refers to the ERASMUS+ programme only!

I. Prerequisites

You must meet the following criteria in order to be successful with your application:

  •  you need to be enrolled as a student in Psychology at the University of Konstanz (international students also)
  • as a bachelor's student, you need to have completed your first 2 semesters (master's students can go abroad during their first year in the programme if they apply early enough)
  • for France, Spain, Portugal & Italy: you need to have sufficient skills in the respective language (please contact the Erasmus coordinator of the partner universities in order to find out about the required level)
  • for all other countries: good English skills are required
  • in order to be eligible to participate in the ERASMUS+ programme, you must not have exhausted your ERASMUS+ quota of 12 months per academic degree (BA, MA, or PhD)

II. The online application process

1. General information

Please provide truthful general information about yourself, the semester you are studying and the period during which you would like to spend a semester abroad.

2. Partner universities

You can name up to three preferred partner universities.

Providing three options will increase your chances of getting a spot, but please only name universities that you really want to go to!

Helpful guiding questions:

  • Do they offer courses that interest me?
  • Are these courses appropriate for my current academic level?
  • Would the courses fit my personal level, i.e. challenging enough but not too much?
  • Are my language skills sufficient?
  • Do they offer courses taught in English?

3. Motivation

Explain your motivation for your first choice in max. 3000 characters. 

Please also refer to your academic motives and show that you have informed yourself about the courses offered by the host university of your choice. Describe what your stay abroad might look like academically for you and why it makes sense to do so at the desired time.

Also for your second and third choice, please briefly outline your study aspirations.

4. Language skills

Please be realistic when estimating your skills in the respective language of instruction.

If you are uncertain, please use the link to the online test in the upper right hand corner of this website.

The following numbers will help you interpret your test results:

> 90% - very good

> 75% - good

> 50% - average

< 50% - poor

III. Selection process

The selection takes place in February for the academic year beginning in the subsequent autumn. Selection criteria are:

  •  Letter of motivation
    We will especially look at your argumentation about why you want to study at a certain university and whether you have a good idea about what your academic plan would look like and how it fits in with your current studies at the University of Konstanz. Additionally, we will consider language skills (especially when the host university is in Spain, France, Portugal or Italy). Personal motivation beyond language acquisition and interest in country/people is also a factor.
  • Semester in the standard period of study
  • Grades
    Please enter your current average grade in the application form. Since the average grade can vary considerably over the course of your studies, we also take into account here what semester you are in.

IV.  You got your spot? Congratulations!

Once your spot for an ERASMUS+ semester abroad is confirmed, you can start planning your stay! Please take a look at the Outgoing Student Guide (in German) for information.

Of course you will be doing courses at your host university and this work will be recognisedat the University of Konstanz. The Examination Board Psychology is in charge of that. The so-called Learning Agreement regulates a possible recognition. Once you return from your semester abroad, Ms Susanne Schmücker will process the recognition of your credit points.

You can download the conversion chart for international grades to see how your grades from abroad will be transferred into the German grades system.

In your application you have already outlined how you envisage your semester abroad. Please understand that we cannot make a statement about the recognition of certain courses at that early stage. You already know the process from the University of Konstanz: universities need some time to finalise their course catalogues for upcoming semesters. You should definitely be prepared for changes in the course offer at your host university. This is nothing uncommon and we will help you handle that.