From Konstanz to all over the world!

You are thinking about spending some time of your studies abroad? Then this homepage is exactly where you will find all information you are looking for!

General Information

You have to apply through the department of Psychology to join the ERASMUS+ Programme and to get a spot at one of our partner universities. Please use the online application process to do so. Closing date is February 1st, independent from whether you apply for the upcoming winter semester, the summer semester one year ahead or a full academic year (two semesters). If February 1st is at a weekend, the closing date will be the Monday after.

To organise studies overseas, you have to apply directly at the International Office and join the program Study Aborad Global. Consequently there is NO application within the department necessary!

All information in the following section concerns the ERASMUS+  - Programme!

I. Requirements

You have to fulfill the following requirements, in order to expect a successful application:

  •  You have to be enrolled as a student in Psychology at the University of Konstanz (also when you are an international student)
  • You must have finished the first academic year in psychology in order to go abroad during your Bachelor studies (for Master students it is possible to also go abroad when the application is early, meaning already during your Bachelor studies)
  • For France, Spain, Portugal, Italy: you must have proficiency in the respective language (please contact the Erasmus coordinator of the partner universities in order to find out about the required level)
  • For all other countries good English competencies are required
  • In order to receive a scholarship from the ERASMUS+ Programme you have to meet the following requirements: you have not already spent a full time of 12 months abroad per academic degree (BA, MA, or PhD)

II. The online application process

1. General information

Please honestly fill in your personal information and your preferred period

2. Partner Universities

You can name up to three preferred partner universities: giving three options will increase your chances of getting a spot, but please only name options, that really are options!

Helpful guiding question:

  • are there courses that interest me?
  • is the academic level provided appropriate?
  • would the courses fit my personal level?
  • do I speak the required language?
  • is there an offer of courses taught in English?

3. Motivation

Explain your motivation for your first choice in a max. 3000 letters. Focus especially on academic aspects, please show that you have informed yourself about the course  offer and try to argue why a semester abroad to your aspired date would be beneficial to your academic career. Additionally, please roughly present your plans for your second and third choice.

4. Language competences

Please be realistic in estimating your competences in the language that is used in class.

If you are uncertain about your competences, please use the link to the online test. The link is provided in the upper right hand corner of this website.

The following numbers will help you interpret the test result

> 90% - very good

> 75% - good

> 50% - average

< 50% - poor

III. Selection Process

The selection will always take place in February. Critical aspects for selection are:

  •  Letter of Motivation: 40%
    we will especially consider your argumentation about why you want to study at a certain university and whether you have a good idea about what your academic plan would look like and how it fits your studies in Konstanz. Additionally, we will consider language competences (especially in the case of host universities in Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy). Further motivation that is beyond getting to know the country and its people and language is considered.
  •  Your semester: 40%
  • Grades: 20%
    please insert your current average grade in the application formula. As we know that grades vary significantly during your studies depending on your semester, the semester will be considered in this context. 

IV.  Received positive feedback? – Planning your stay and recognizing your grades from abroad

Once you have received positive feedback and a spot for an ERASMUS+ Semester abroad, planning your stay start! Please have a look at the Outgoing Student Guide for information

Of course you will do courses at your host university and this work will be recognized at the University of Konstanz. The “Ständige Prüfungsausschuss” is in charge of that. The so-called Learning Agreement will handle a possible recognition.  Once you return from your exchange semester, Ms. Susanne Schmücker will do the recognition

The table to translate your grades  from abroad provides information about how your grades could be transferred into the German grades at the University of Konstanz.

Usually you have already outlined your study plan in your application. Please understand, that we cannot give you any information about recognizing certain courses at that early stage. You already know the process from the University of Konstanz; universities need some time to develop a syllabus for upcoming semesters. This is why you should definitely expect changes in the course offer of your host university. This is nothing uncommon and we will help you handle that.

Additional Information

Here you will find links to useful information with tips about planning your stay abroad as well as about the whole process.

The German Outgoing Student guide provides in-depth information about the whole process