New master's students

Am I entitled to places in case-study seminars?

Every master's student in Psychology is entitled to participate in one case-study seminar, but not more than one. You can only do more than one case-study seminar, if there are places left.

Do I need to register my master's thesis in the first semester of the programme?

You need to register your master's thesis within one semester of completing all modules. If you fail to do so, the Examination Board will determine the topic of your master's thesis for you. 

You can register your master's thesis in the first semester of the programme, or in the second semester at the latest.

Do I have to complete all modules within one semester?


In contrast to the bachelor's programme, all modules in the master's programme are offered in each semester. This means you can start a module in the winter semester and finish it in the summer semester.

Which modules can I take as a non-psychology student, e.g. in the master's programme Early Childhood?

Modules 1-4 (Cognitive and Affective Neurosciences, Psychology of Action, Health & Work 1, Health & Work 2) are available to students from other disciplines.Here, too, our place allocation guidelines apply. Please visit the LSF for information on times and deadlines for the allocation of places.

Which courses should I take in order to be able to start my training as a psychotherapist later?

If you intend to train as a psychotherapist later, you should choose the Clinical Psychology modules as well as the case-study seminars.

For absolute certainty on how many credits you need in Clinical Psychology, please check with your respective training institute.