Psychology as a minor subject

It is not possible to minor in psychology. However, the following psychology courses are open to all students:

Lernen, Emotion, Motivation & Gedächtnis
(Lernen & Gedächtnis,
Motivation & Emotion)
2 Lectures2 Exams4 SWS8 Credits
Biologische Psychologie:1 Lecture1 Exam2 SWS6 Credits
Wahrnehmung & Kognition:
(Wahrnehmung, Kognition)
2 Lectures

1 Exam

4(2) SWS8(4) Credits
(Entwicklungspsychologie 1,
Entwicklungspsychologie 2)
2 Lectures1 Exam4 SWS8 Credits
Sozialpsychologie 2)
2 Lectures1 Exam4 SWS8 Credits
Diagnostik & Persönlichkeit:
(Grundlagen psychologischer Diagnostik,
Testtheorie & Testkonstruktion)
2 Lectures1 Exam4 SWS8 Credits
Arbeitspsychologie*1 Lecture1 Exam2 SWS4 Credits
Statistik 11 Lecture + Practice1 Exam4 SWS6 Credits
Statistik 21 Lecture + Practice1 Klausur4 SWS5 Credits
Methodenlehre 11 Lecture + Practice1 Exam3 SWS5 Credits
Methodenlehre 21 Lecture + Practice1 Exam4 SWS5 Credits

Any number of modules may be chosen. All credits are earned exclusively through the respective examinations. You can register for the exams using the standard procedure at the Department of Psychology.

Each module has to be chosen as a whole. There are no examinations for separate parts of any module!

For non-psychology Master's programmes we offer seminars in the following advanced courses:

Kognitive Psychologie und
Kognitive Neurowissenschaften:         Seminars            2 SWS each           4 Credits each

Psychologie des Handelns:                  Seminars            2 SWS each          4 Credits each

The credits are earned by means of the evaluation method in the respective seminars.