Asymmetries fo facial expressions and facial perception

An indication of Macchiavellian intelligence or of "grin and bear it" survival of the nicest Vortrag am Mi, 29.11.2017 um 18:15 Uhr in E 618

A review of decades of research and clinical descriptions of facial expressions and facial perception indicates a peculiar coincidence in the asymmetry of expression and perception. However, we are far from a definite explanation of the details of this phenomenon as well as of the possible influencing variables. To arrive at a better understanding a dual strategy is proposed: For an experimental scientist the data base of this research is of primary importance. Thus emphasis is to be placed on measuring in much greater detail the asymmetries of facial expressions and facial perception, trying to define the extent and stability of individual differences as well as the conditions and factors which may result in changes of these asymmetries. Secondly, on the basis of the presently existing data, one can try to make sense of these phenomena.

Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Bruno Preilowski,  Universität Tübingen

im Rahmen des Forschungskolloquiums Psychologische Methoden und Diagnostik der AG Reips