Dr. Stephanie Dimitroff

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

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Postfach 905
78479 Konstanz

ZfP Haus 22, Raum 029

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Akademische Ausbildung & akademische Tätigkeiten

2018-present       Postdoctoral Scholar (Clinical Neuropsychology),  Universität Konstanz

2018                          Ph.D. Psychology (Integrative Neuroscience), The University of Chicago, USA

2015                          M.A. Social Sciences (Psychology),  The University of Chicago, USA

2013                           B.A. Psychology (minor Interdisciplinary Life Sciences), McGill University, CA                            

2012                           Research Assistant,  RWTH Aachen University, Germany                                          

2012-2013               Research Assistant (Psychiatry, Psychology), McGill University, Canada

2010-2013               Research assistant, McGill Centre for Studies in Aging, Canada


inter-individual differences in psychophysiological variables related the stress response, social transmission of stress


Faig, K.E., Necka, E.A., Smith, K.E., Dimitroff, S.J., Norman, G.J. (2018) Resting RSA predicts malodor-induced increase in perceived foreignness of outgroup speakers, under review. 

Dimitroff, S. J., Harrod, E. G, Smith, K. E., Faig, K. E., Decety, J., & Norman, G. J. (2018) Third-party punishment following observed social rejection, under review.

Smith, K. E., Dimitroff, S. J.,Hernandez, M. W., & Norman, G. J. (2018). How effective are early childhood affective interventions? A review of the literature, under review. 

Necka, E. A., Luhmann, M., Faig, K. E., Van Hedger, K., Lyons, I. M., Dimitroff, S. J., Puts, D. A., & Norman, G. J. (2018). Women’s attention to and memory for fertile- and non-fertile women across the menstrual cycle. Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology, 4(3), 283-305.

Dimitroff, S. J., Kardan, O., Necka, E. A., Decety, J., Berman, M. G., & Norman, G. J. (2017) Physiological dynamics of stress contagion. Scientific Reports,6(1), 6168.

Necka, E. A., Puts, D. A., Dimitroff, S. J., and Norman G. J. (2015). Other women’s fertility moderates female resource distribution across the menstrual cycle. Evolution & Human Behavior, 37(5), 387-391.

 Dimitroff, S. J.(2014). Phasic Estradiol Levels and Bias for Immediate Rewards. The Journal of Neuroscience34(37), 12239-12240.