German-African Research Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, February

Thank you to all participants for interesting talks and discussions!

In 2015, Germany received almost 1.000.000 refugees, many of them from African countries like Eritrea or Somalia. In the times of handheld online communication physical distance and national borders loose their significance. People displaced by war and violence will not remain in camps in highly burdened neighbouring countries where basic needs and rights cannot be fully taken care of. We highlight that the lives of displaced people need to be improved in any country and that highly burdened host countries need support. One important piece in this puzzle is mental health care and how it can be made accessible to displaced people. This huge task needs research to develop new ways of health service delivery and to guide politics.

With this research workshop we want to contribute to build networks between Germany and African countries in order to create a research field that contributes to improve the lives of displaced people.

Dr. Michael Odenwald, University of Konstanz
Prof. David Ndetei, Africa Mental Health Foundation