Selected Publications

Traumatic stress studies

  • DeQuervain DJ, Kolassa I, Ertl V, Onyut PL, Neuner F, Elbert T, Papassotiropoulos A (2007). A deletion variant of the ?2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans. Nature Neuroscience. 1137-1139.
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  • Schaal S, Elbert T (2006). Ten years after the genocide: Trauma confrontation and posttraumatic stress in Rwandan adolescents. J. Traumatic Stress. 19, 95-105. 

Narrative Exposure Therapy

  • Bichescu D, Neuner F, Schauer M, Elbert T (2007). Narrative Exposure Therapy of political imprisonment-related chronic trauma-spectrum disorders. Behaviour Research and Therapy. 45, 2212-2220.
  • Neuner, F., Schauer, M., Klaschik, C., Karunakara, U., Elbert, T. (2004). A comparison of narrative exposure therapy, supportive counseling, and psychoeducation for treating posttraumatic stress disorder in an African refugee settlement. J Consult Clin Psychol. 72(4), 579-587.
  • Ruf M, Schauer M, Neuner F, Schauer E, Catani C, Elbert, T (2007). KIDNET- Narrative Expositionstherapie für Kinder. In: Landolt M, Hensel T (Hrsg.). Trauma-therapie mit Kindern. Göttingen: Hogrefe. 84-110.
  • Schauer M, Elbert T, Neuner F (2007). Interaktion von Neurowissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen und Psychotherapeutischen Einsichten am Beispiel von traumatischem Stress und dessen Behandlung mittels Narrativer Expositionstherapie. In: Becker, H.-P. Wunderlich (Hrsg.) Thieme-Verlag.
  • Schaal S, Elbert T, Neuner F (2008). Narrative Exposure Therapy versus group Interpersonal Psychotherapy – a controlled clinical trial with orphaned survivors of the Rwandan genocide. 


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  • Odenwald M, Hinkel H, Schauer E Neuner F, Schauer M, Elbert T, Rockstroh B (2007). Self-reported khat use and opinion about drug consumption among active armed forces and militia personnel in Somalia: a cross-sectional study. PLOS Medicine (in press).    


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Brain Imaging

  • Gratton G, Fabiani M, Elbert T, Rockstroh B (2003). Seeing right through you: Applications of optical imaging to the study of the human brain. Psychophysiology. 40, 487-491.
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Citation Classics

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