Psychobiology of human disposition to violate and murder

‘‘Far away, I am hearing screaming and gunfire and my head is growing smaller and my body is growing bigger. I am wanting to kill; I don’t know why. I am just wanting to kill ...’’

Uzodinma Iweala ‘‘Beasts of no Nation’’, page 58.

Since always, atrocities, murder, and the elimination of competing groups have formed part of the behaviour repertoire of humans. The lust for ressources and power or the defense against a menace usually represent the beginning of violence. But what brings about escalation of violence on a regular basis? Why are non-involved people often being brutishly tortured? Does the pain of others mean maximum pleasure for the torturer and which role does biology play? Why does the perpetrator not have nightmares about his cruel deeds? And how does one resocialise a former combatant who internalized feeling pleasure when murdering?

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