For some time, German and Japanese social scientists have been aware of the fact that the scientific relationships between the two countries, which were quite close up until the forties, should be strengthened again. Despite substantial differences in cultural traditions between the two countries, there are many similarities with respect to socio-cultural developments in the last decades. Therefore, the mutual study and the comparison of these developmental processes is of special interest. Those studies can contribute to overcoming ethnocentric bias in theoretical approaches. Since this undertaking is more successful in the framework of a scientific organization than merely through individual initiative, an interest among German and Japanese social scientists in such a cooperation has gradually developed in the past years

Thus, in 1989, the German-Japanese Society for Social Sciences (Nichidoku-Shakaikagaku-Gakkai) was founded in Tokyo. Its members consist of an approximately equal number of distinguished German and Japanese social scientists as well as those from related disciplines interested in social processes. At present, the Society includes about 80 members from both countries as well as a small number of sponsoring members.

Through its different activities, the Society arranges unique and important opportunities for scientific exchange and for formal and informal meetings between German and Japanese scientists.

The Society strives to contribute to the advancement of knowledge about present cultural, social, and psychological processes and phenomena in Japan and Germany that is acquired from Japanese and German perspective and, whenever possible, in a comparative framework.

Furthermore, the exchange of scientific information and the instigation of joint activities are supported. The Society also strives to arrange and deepen personal contacts between its members. This is especially relevant for young German and Japanese scientists visiting Japan and Germany.

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