3rd "Study and Cultural Visit" of Utrecht University to the University of Konstanz

15. - 19. April 2024

University of Konstanz

Department of Psychology, Magistra Serpil Hummel

Dr. Sebastian Tillmann, Dr. Alexander Unger, Dr. Gijs Cremers, Agnieszka Vojta and Serpil Hummel

This event is part of an event series „Study and Cultural Visit“.

Study and Cultural Visit of more than 40 Honours Students from Utrecht University

Topic: "Cultural identity / identification".


The students from Utrecht will be accompanied this year by Dr Gijs Cremers. Assistant Professor Social and Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences, Cultural Anthropology.

Students from the University of Konstanz are cordially invited to participate in the workshop, the lectures and the leisure activities.

Draft Agenda

  • Day of arrival: Monday, 15.04.2024
    • 7:00 pm: Pizza at L‘Osteria, Seerhein with Konstanz students, organized by the Psychology student council
  • 1st Day: Tuesday, 16.04.2024
    • 10 am in front of building "R": Meeting with Serpil Hummel, Erasmus Coordinator at the Department of Psychology
    • 10 am - 11.45 am: Campus tour through the university including a visit to the "Uni Zoo" and the FabLab
    • 12 pm: Lunch Mensa
    • 1.30 pm at M630: Dr Sebastian Tillmann, psychologist: Lecture "diverse.together: Celebrating Uniqueness and Belonging at Konstanz"
    • 3 pm at M630: Dr Alexander Unger, psychologist: Lecture "The Social Identity Theory (SIT) in a cross-cultural context"
    • Pub crawl with Konstanz students organized the Psychology and Sociology student councils
  • 2nd Day: Wednesday, 17.04.2024
    • 10:15 am at BG335 (library, Orangerie): Welcome by Jacopo Mariotto, International Office and Serpil Hummel, Department of Psychology
    • 10:30 am at BG335 (library, Orangerie): Agnieszka Vojta and Serpil Hummel: interactive workshop (including intercultural competence)
    • 12 pm Lunch
    • 1 pm at L602: Presentation and talk about the University of Konstanz and the departments, Anja Christ and Serpil Hummel
    • Preparation of posters, videos and presentations by students of Utrecht University
    • 7 pm Pubquiz/ gamenight
  • 3rd Day: Thursday, 18.04.2024
    • C358 and BG335: Preparation of posters, videos and presentations by students of Utrecht University
    • 2 pm - 4 pm at BG335 (library, Orangerie): Presentation of documentary films, posters etc.
    • Gift exchange and Farewell
    • 7 pm: 3D mini-golfing and Nightlife in Konstanz

Foto: Studierende aus Utrecht SoSe 2022