Studierende bei der Gruppenarbeit
Studierende bei der Gruppenarbeit

Master of Science

Current curriculum

You can find the current curriculum and the courses offered for the Master in psychology in the  course catalogue LSF

Exam registration period

The board of examiners decides about exam registration period. More information you can find on the homepage of our faculty.

Registrations/deregistrations after this period are not possible.

Registration for master thesis: 0.12.-15.12. and 01.05.-15.05.

Objectives of the Master

The Master programme in Konstanz aims to deepen your knowledge in important areas of psychology. Especially, you will deppen your knowledge in applicable areas, such as psychological diagnostics, work and health psychology as well as clinical and clinical neuropsychology.

The Master in Konstanz is characterized by: 

  • case seminars and seminars about research practicals
  • specialisation in basic subjects
  • excellent education for academic work (PhD-programmes)
  • fullfillment of requirements for the psychotherapeutical education

Examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung) & admission requirements

You can find the examination regulation among the downloads. Admission requirements you can find here.

Here you can find the online application form

Contents of the Programme

Psychology as a science is concerned with behaviour and experience, as well as with cause and effect. Its task is to analyze and explain behaviour and experience - meaning analysis of the conditions of the environment and of the organism on which behaviour and experience depend. At the same time the field has to develop suggestions and propositions of behaviour as to how psychologically ideal conditions may be created. Finally, it has to participate in the realization of these aforementioned conditions.

Since psychology is an empirical science, all of its results and suggestions have to be put to the test empirically. Therefore education in psychology will put strong emphasis on methodology of empirical/experimental as well as practical psychological work.

Furthermore, key qualifications for working as a psychologist are learned during the programme. Psychological techniques of consultation and chairmanship, experimental work and systematic observation and execution of surveys, competences in IT and the presentation of scientific results using modern presentation techniques are essential parts of the curriculum.