Studying while in school and guest auditor programme

Studierende am Campusbrunnen
Studierende am Campusbrunnen

Schnupperstudium – explore a field of study!

The Schnupperstudium (studying while in school), i.e. attending lectures for a maximum of 3 weeks without taking exams, is a short but intensive way of getting to know a field of study. You can find lecture dates in the course catalogue (ZEuS). There is no need to register. At the Department of Psychology, courses with a limited number of places (seminars, internships,...) are excluded from the Schnupperstudium. We recommend that you pick courses from the early semesters, as the contents in advanced semesters require knowledge from previous courses. Take a look at our exemplary study plan for the bachelor's programme for an orientation on which courses might suit you.

Schülerstudium (studying while in school)

The Schülerstudium is an additional offer of the University of Konstanz for particularly gifted students in secondary school.

What does it mean to "study Psychology"?

Psychology as a science is concerned with behaviour and experience as well as their causes and effects. Its task is to record and explain behaviour and experience, i.e. to determine the conditions of the environment and the organism on which behaviour and experience depend in their respective form. At the same time, the task is to develop proposals and instructions on how to create the best possible psychological conditions and to participate in their implementation.

Psychology is an empirical science, which means that all its statements and proposals for action must be empirically validated. The programme therefore puts a strong emphasis on the methodology of empirical/experimental as well as practical psychological work.

Assessment of suitability

In a joint conversation with the Central Student Advisory Service and the Department of Psychology, we will clarify your suitability and your best choice of courses. If you are interested, please contact the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) to arrange an appointment (see the Contact box on the right side of the general info page for the Schülerstudium).

Start of the Schülerstudium

Either summer semester or winter semester 


Start in the winter semester

Empirical research is a core aspect of psychology. For this reason, we recommend that you take one of the following two courses in the first semester to gain a comprehensive insight into the study programme Psychology:

  • lecture and practice tutorial "Methods 1"
  • lecture and practice tutorial "Statistics 1"

In addition, the following courses are offered:

  • lecture "Biopsychology"
  • lecture "What is Applied Psychology?"

Continuing in the summer semester

Further explore empirical reseach in one of the following courses:

  • lecture and practice tutorial "Methods 2"
  • lecture "Test Theory and Test Design" 

or attend other basic subjects:

  • lecture "Social Psychology" 1 & 2 (4 hours!)
  • lecture "Developmental Psychology 1"
  • lecture "Perception"

From the 3rd semester onwards, further course attendance will take place individually and in direct consultation with the student advisors at the Department of Psychology (room D525).

Exemplary study plan

WS 1: Statistics 1 + What is Applied Psychology? (8 ECTS; 5 SWS*)
SS 1: Developmental Psychology 1 (4 ECTS; 2 SWS)
WS 2: Statistics 2 + Developmental Psychology (9 ECTS; 6 SWS)
SS 2: Social Psychology 1 & 2 (8 ECTS; 4 SWS)

*SWS = weekly teaching hours

Support from fellow students

If desired, the Student Council Psychology will provide you with a mentor. These mentors are themselves students at the Department of Psychology. They can advise you on everyday aspects of student life and help you find your way around the University.

For more information on the study programme Psychology, visit our website Bachelor of Science

Student auditor programme

As a student auditor you can attend courses for one semester and get a first impression of the Psychology programme without having to commit to doing a degree straight away. For general information as well as information on the application for admission to the student auditor programme, please visit the info page of the student auditor programme.

FAQs student auditor programme

Which Psychology courses can I take as a student auditor?

As a student auditor you can attend all lectures at the Department of Psychology. Courses with limited places (e.g. seminars, internships) are not available to student auditors. You can find the lecture dates in the course catalogue in ZEuS without having to login. 

Can student auditors graduate with a degree?

No, student auditors cannot graduate with a degree. The purpose of the student auditor programme is to give anyone who is interested insight into different topics of psychology. This way, people without Abitur (German general higher education entrance qualification), for instance, also have a chance to sit in on courses.

Can student auditors take exams?

No, student auditors can not take exams and can not have their achievements credited towards a regular study programme.

Exceptions apply to registered students of cooperation partners of the University of Konstanz. These include

  • students of the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences
  • students of the Thurgau University of Teacher Education (PHTG)

I'm a student at the HTWG or PHTG, which exams can I take as a student auditor?

As a registered student of the HTWG or the PHTG you can write selected exams at the Department of Psychology as part of your student auditor programme. These are the same as the exams for students from other disciplines. You can not attend courses with limited places (e.g. seminars).


I'm a student at the HTWG or PHTG, how do I register for exams as auditor student?

Please register at the Secretariat for Study Matters during the examination registration period. You will need to bring your student auditor licence and your identity card/passport.