Overview department bodies

Departmental Council

The → Departmental Council represents the interests of the Department of Psychology within the University's Faculty of Sciences and advises the faculty on decisions relating to the department. Administrative matters of the department that have an impact on the entire faculty are prepared by the Departmental Council and presented to the faculty.

Thematically, the Departmental Council deals primarily with structural changes in the faculty (e.g. establishment of new professorships), personnel decisions (e.g. appointment of professors) as well as changes concerning the study programmes (e.g. changes to the examination regulations, establishing new study programmes). The Departmental Council can also give its opinion on topics that fall in the scope of responsibility of other bodies.

The Departmental Council comprises representatives of all interest groups within the department: permanent members are the head of the department and the dean of studies. Additionally, six professors, two academic staff members, two students or enrolled doctoral candidates and one academic support staff members are elected. Students are elected for a period of one year, all other members are elected for a period of two years.

Requests to the Departmental Council have to be submitted to the head of the department a minimum of 10 days before the next meeting. 

Study Commission

The → Study Commission has the task of further developing the study programmes at the Department of Psychology and ensuring favourable study conditions. One way to achieve this is to seek and include the feedback from lecturers and students in the revision of the examination regulations. The Study Commission also develops proposals for the use of the department's financial resources and contributes to the evaluation of teaching.

The Study Commission comprises a maximum of ten members, normally four professors, one academic staff member and four students or enrolled doctoral candidates. Potential members are nominated by the Departmental Council and subsequently elected by the Faculty Council for one year (students) and four years respectively (all other members). One of the student members is also simultaneously a member of the Faculty Council. The chair is held by the dean of studies, who is elected for four years in the same election round. 

Requests to the Study Commission have to be submitted to the dean of studies a minimum of 10 days before the next meeting.  

Examination Board

The Examinatio Board (Ständiger Prüfungsausschuss) ensures that provisions of the examination regulations are fulfilled and is in charge of the organisation of exams. The Examination Board Psychology comprises seven members: three professors, one academic staff member, two students and the director of the departmental administration. Student members are elected for one year, all other members are usually elected for a three-year period by the Study Commission of the Department of Psychology. The position of chair and deputy chair are reserved for professors.

Requests to the Examination Board have to be submitted to the dean of studies a minimum of 10 days before the next meeting. 

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