Studenten arbeiten in der Bibliothek
Studenten arbeiten in der Bibliothek

Exchange students in Konstanz

Her you can find information on our courses and your application

General Course Catalogue (ZEuS)

As an incoming student you can choose courses from all departments at th University of Konstanz. Please follow the links below to get an idea of what we have to offer.

Course catalogue University of Konstanz

Courses taught in English this semester

Courses at the Department of Psycholgy

As an international student at the department of Psycholgy you can choose courses from our master as well as our bachelor program - independent from your program at your home university. 

You may find the course catalogue for the bachelor in Psychology under the option "Bachelor Program - Major Subject" under the subitem "Psychology".

You may find the course catalogue for the master in psychology under the option "Master Programs" under the subitem "Psychology".

What to consider when picking your psychology courses

Master courses only for advanced level

Participation in master courses  is only reasonable for students who have completed the second year, because you need to have good basic knowledge to follow the course.

Course catalogue changes every semester

Lectures held in German are offered on regular basis (every second semester).

Seminars offer changes every semester,  often the seminars have similar content but previous semester can serve as a good estimate and can give you an idea about which fields are often covered. 

The course catalogue for the upcoming semester will be online

  • middle of February for the upcoming summer semester
  • middle of September for the upcoming winter semester

Language competences for courses held in German

German competences Level B2 required for courses held in German

To participate in courses held in German you, need to have sufficient German language skills (minimum Level  B2). Please critically reflect your skills and ask yourself whether you are abley to follow a class held in German. Please also consider in this context:

  • You can do German  Language Courses aside  with your studies or prior to your semester.
  • Lots of courses held in German provide English material and you can generally answer Tests and Exams (German Material!) in English. But be careful the questions are asked in German!
  • Often there is the possibility to give a presentation in English or write your essay in English. Anyhow we would only recommend classes held in Gerna to student whose German is good enough to follow and actively participate in the class!

Courses in English

Aside with our offer of courses held in German, we offer a couple courses held in English every Semester! The offer is big enough to do one semester with 30 ECTS fully in English.

You will find these "courses held in English" in our course catalogue ZEuS

Please also consider, that the last semester can give an idea about which courses might be offered but that the actual course catalogue can change. 

Most English courses are offered in these areas.

The course catalogue for your semester in Konstanz is not online yet and you have to fill in your Erasmus+ Learning Agreement? - Don't worry, we will tell you what to do HERE!

1 . Fill in your Learning Agreement based on the past summer/winter semester
We are aware that you have to fill in your Learning agreement on an early stage in order to fulfill the guidelines of the Erasmus+ Program, and that we cannot give you detailed information about offered courses that will be offered at the Department of Psychology that time. This is completey normal, therefore please use the course catalogue of past semesters and fill in your Learning agreement based on the information provided there

2. Do your final course choice via mail with assistance of our international exchange team
All international students affiliated with the department of Psychology will receive a detailed Welcome-mail prior to their stay (summer-incomings end of February/beginning of March, winter incomings end of July/ beginning of August) . This mail will provide useful information about how to plan your course choice with the by then updated and valid course catalogue. The international exchange team will guide you through the process and assist and provide help whenever you need it.  Caution! This will then be your final course choice! 

3. Changes to the Agreement when you are in Konstanz
After having done your final course choice with the help of our international exchange team, and having arrived in Konstanz, you will then simply do  "Changes to the Learning Agreement".  The Erasmus+ Program even provides an official document for that, the procedure is very common and your Erasmus coordinator is probably familiar with it as well.