Studenten arbeiten in der Bibliothek
Studierende arbeiten in der Bibliothek

Organising your Studies

Welcome to the Department of Psychology! We are delighted that you have decided to study in Konstanz! Scroll down for important information about your study exchange at the University of Konstanz.

Plan properly and stay informed! This is how you can make the most of your study stay and profit both personally and academically.

In order to have a successful study stay at the University of Konstanz,  you should always plan for and organise important dates before the beginning of the semester as well as during the semester and academic year. This page provides you with information on important topics. If you have further questions, please contact the relevant department.

Please make use of the services offered by the Writing Centre, KIM and the Career Service. The services are free of charge for students.

Incoming Student Guide

Information about studying at the Department of Psychology (study programmes on offer, course formats in the departments, information on ECTS-points etc.) may be found in our Flyer or in the Incoming Student Guide. In this brochure you will also find further information on the University of Konstanz (the organisation of the academic year etc.), the application procedure and orientation programmes offered by the International Office.


Please find information on the preparation of your stay in Konstanz on the website of the International Office. 

Academic Year

The academic year has a winter semester (October to March) and a summer semester (April to September).

Study spaces and other tools, e.g. computer workstation

Avoiding plagiarism

Guidelines for the prevention of plagiarism (PDF)

University of Konstanz information about plagiarism (in German)

Please use APA style unless otherwise stated.

Plagiarism is the copying or paraphrasing of other people’s work or ideas without full acknowledgement. Rules of good scientific practice generally require that all sources and references are referred to in the text and in the reference list. All sources and references have to be indicated by quotes too. If it cannot be avoided to use direct quotes from texts, they have to be indicated as such. Intentional plagiarism may incur severe penalties, including failure of your degree.

At the Department of Psychology, plagiarism is always regarded as cheating and it will always have consequences. All term papers and final theses have to be submitted electronically so that they can be checked for plagiarism.

Term papers or theses proven to include plagiarised passages shall be marked "fail" (5.0).

Self-Study Course

The Writing Center offers a free of charge ILIAS self-study course on citation in English language.
Some of the course material on ILIAS is also available in English. To see it, set your preferred language ("Sprache") to English (select "Einstellungen" (Settings) under your profile picture in the top right corner of this page).

Relatively far down on the website of the Writing Center you will find work and info sheets. Please check them out.

More information and links to videos can be found here.


If you have any questions about the ILIAS mini workshop on academic writing, or if you would like specific feedback on more than just the references in your draft text, use our Writing Tutoring Service. Click here to book an appointment.

Registration Deadlines and Regulations for Examinations

Exam registration / deregistration periods and examinations dates can be found in ZEuS.

What do you have to do if you can't make it to an exam or if you become sick?
Withdrawal from exams is not possible after the end of the registration period. Exceptions: Sickness and Other Reasons.

ZEuS Wiki: Exam registration at the University of Konstanz and Registration periods in ZEuS

Extention of Stay

Information about extending your study period may be found on the website of our International Office under the menu point organising your studies - extending your study period.

Transcript of Records

Please read the following guideline carefully to find out how you can request your Transcript:


The empolyees of the University of Konstanz are looking forward to assisting you.

  1. Finding suitable courses in other departments? Departmental Student Advisory Service and Examination Offices and/or Departmental Exchange/Erasmus+ Coordinators
  2. uni e-mail and password?
  3. ZEuS (TAN, TAN-list, technical difficulties, etc)?
  4. ILIAS?

Further Information

Special circumstances

Bookable Study Places at the library

Students of the University of Konstanz can use a study place in the library or other tools. The reservation is possible via the study portal ZEuS. Here you will find a manual.

More information about services during the limited on-site operations can be found here.